7 Reasons Why Church Based Outdoor Ministry is Taking Off

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If Jesus chose the wilderness as a favorite setting to shape his disciples into dynamic leaders, then is it not equally critical in our increasingly urban world for people to encounter Him through wilderness adventure?


I was headed to Crested Butte, CO for an epic fly fishing trip. I was reluctant to go with a guide because I thought I should just figure it out myself. How vain and foolish that thinking was. As I look back on my decision to ignore my pride and partner up with a professional guide, I realize now that humility has some great rewards.

Spacebook | A New Platform that Rivals Facebook | Get Social Outdoors

There is another book besides Facebook which has influenced the over 106 billion people who have ever lived on the earth, and will continue to influence each and every person who ever will live on this earth until Christ returns. The book I’m referring to is: Creation.

Most Under-Estimated Benefit of Outdoor Ministry | Time for Evangelism

There are many styles of evangelism, none of which is the “right way”. But one thing is for certain… in wilderness ministry you never have to resort to a hit-and-run style of evangelism. You have plenty of time to ask questions, get to know other people’s views, and then take opportunities to share your own testimony after you have won the right to be heard.

Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit | Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

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Wondering how to start up an outdoor ministry? Here is some outdoor ministry curriculum that that may help: Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit.