Don’t Doubt Your Ability to Interpret Truth

This is the last post in the series on How Wilderness Navigation Informs a Quest for Truth. Guest blogger, Emily Huguenin, examines a third obstacle that you can overcome in your quest for “What is true?” OBSTACLE #3: DOUBTING OUR OWN ABILITY TO INTERPRET TRUTH Years ago, I guided a group of college students in […]

Tent-Like Faith Looks Forward To A Heavenly City – Acts 7:4

Part 2 in the series, “Abraham’s Tent-Like Faith | Outdoor Ministry Inklings from Hebrews 11:8-9” I’m guessing that many of us camp in tents sometime throughout the year. This series on Abraham’s tent-like faith shows us how to seize this teachable moment to connect tent-camping with what our life of faith is supposed to look […]


The trustworthiness of God is the anchor of our faith in him. Yet even though he can be trusted, we continue to doubt or wane in our faith at times. That is why wilderness experiences are so valuable–they lift us out of our pits of doubt.


The author of Hebrews highlights Abraham’s Tent-like faith… Like the pioneers who traveled out West, Abraham set out on a long journey not really knowing where he was going, living in tents with his extended family, believing that in obedience to God’s call there would be reward beyond measure.

The Law of the Pendulum | An Illustration to Understand “Faith”

Faith is a challenging concept to explain to people. I found an illustration which really hits the nail on head. It is a story told by Ken Davis, in his book How to Speak to Youth . . . and Keep Them Awake at the Same Time: A Step-by-Step Guide for Improving Your Talks.

Outdoor Bible Study (Ephesians 2:1-10): “Spiritually alive” or “spiritually dead?”

How do you know if you are “spiritually alive” or “spiritually dead?” How can we enjoy the abundant life the way God intended us to experience?

Listen TODAY to Ashley Denton’s interview about Outdoor Leadership and How Jesus Used the Wilderness with His Disciples… Family Life Radio’s Kurt Goff did the interview…

Listen to my interview with Kurt Goff of Family Life Radio about my book on outdoor leadership and the ministry of Jesus. I discuss the biblical foundation for outdoor ministry and wilderness leadership. Click here to listen to the interview… Thanks for listening, Ashley Denton  

A Theological Perspective on Adventure

“Scrambling over rocks, zig-zagging between bear grass and some other clumpy desert ground cover, His feet testing each step to make sure it was solid… finally He reached the summit.  Wind howling, and the storm sounding like the opening music to an eerie mystery movie, He sat quietly for what seemed like hours watching with eagle eye a small […]