Canoe Creation Offers Christian Outdoor Experiences in the Ohio Valley

Canoe Creation wants to help you appreciate God’s wonder right out your own back door. They hope to encourage God’s people to be stewards of Creation because we are accountable to its Maker. Taking back God’s Glory is one of the central focus points of Canoe Creation river classes. They will immerse you in God’s handiwork and train your eyes to see God’s invisible qualities in the things that He has made.

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To provide churches, camps, homeschool groups and schools of all Christian denominations in the Ohio valley with river canoeing, camping, and outdoor disciple building experiences that:

  1. Develop young people in Christian faith that will stand against the times
  2. Challenge youth to think critically in the natural sciences
  3. Educate youth in responsibility as wise stewards of creation


Al Parker got his first canoe at age 15 (which he stowed behind his mother’s sofa each winter). Al was trained as a wildlife biologist at Purdue University. He became a Christian after college and insisted on being baptized in Hamer creek where cold water poured from a cave mouth. His 20 years of work for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources gave him the opportunity to re-introduced Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and River Otter. His interests in all kinds of wildlife, wild plants, and wild places and his love of kids led him to pursue directing wildlife conservation camps at the Wilds in SE Ohio for another 7 years. He has also worked in the camp capacity for Lutheran Memorial Camp and the National Wildlife Federations Ranger Rick Camp, where he met and married his wife Amy.  Amy has also been active in camp ministry and campfire music.  Al and Amy have spent many years on rivers with their own 4 children and many other groups and families. Canoe Creation is born from a combination of faith, a fascination with God’s handiwork, and fun on rivers.


Trips range from 1-5 days.


$150 – $250


Canoe Creation

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