U.S. Universities & Colleges that offer Christian Outdoor Education

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There is a growing number of organizations and Christian colleges that offer outdoor education. Our Recommended Outdoor Programs List includes all of the colleges and organizations we recommend. Every year we award colleges and outdoor ministry programs with our Best Outdoor Programs Award if they meet our criteria.

Urbanization is having real effects on young people which is why I believe research and experience indicates that we need to prioritize getting young people out into the wilderness. The schools I list below are on the cutting edge of trying address this real need.

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Below you will find a list of 1) Christian colleges that offer outdoor education and/or outdoor leadership degrees or courses, and 2) a list of Faith-based organizations that specialize in outdoor ministry and Christian outdoor leadership.

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Christian colleges that offer outdoor education in the United States



Denver Theological Seminary  |   Southern Adventist University  |  Wheaton College-HoneyRock

REFERRALS ! If you are familiar with a Christian outdoor leadership or wilderness ministry provider that we have not listed, feel free to COMMENT BELOW and contact us too. We will look into whether they might be a fit for our recommended list!

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