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When you are leading others in the outdoors, you have a lot of time to work with to grow deeper in relationships. Outdoor ministry curriculum covers a wide range of topics and it can be challenging to find creative group activities for different topics. Here are a few specific ideas of how to use your time well to build community on your trip:

5-10 minute activities

  • Trust walk or trust fall
  • Group questions (see 165 Great Conversation Starters)
  • Share first impressions
  • Read stories
  • Pick a Bible character you identify with and why
  • Find an object in the woods that is most like you and explain why
  • Share one of your most meaningful Bible verses
  • Memorize a Scripture passage together
  • Set up 1:1 conversations

10-30 minute activities

  • 20 questions
  • Strength bombardment
  • Name 26 things seen with alphabet
  • Set up an Experiential Bible study that connects the outdoor experience to Biblical truth
  • Share personal testimonies
  • Take a natural object & from God’s perspective decide why it was created
  • Draw how you would describe your relationship or position with God
  • Give a Bible verse
  • Biblical scavenger hung using just one word
  • Worship service
  • Write your own psalm
  • Write a letter from God to you
  • Role play a scenario or an account in the Bible
  • Symposiums: set up panel discussion or talk about family, adolescent life realities, church body/community, etc.
  • Life stories


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