The Power of Wilderness Experiences | Video Testimony

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A common theme on my blog is the value of church-based outdoor ministry. This video really affirms church-based outdoor ministry as pastors share 4 perspectives on the power of wilderness experiences. I hope these testimonies encourage you as an outdoor leader to keep bringing people from the busyness and chaos of life to the solitude and majesty of creation.

To learn more about church-based outdoor ministry, check out this archive of blog posts. If you have even the smallest inkling to be involved in starting or participating in an outdoor ministry, I would encourage you to take some time in the quiet of the wilderness to pray and listen to what God is saying to you about it. If you are hearing confirmation, then I offer these resources to help and encourage you in the process:

  1. The Wilderness Ministry Institute (WMI) serves to equip churches and Christian non-profit organizations to develop their own outdoor ministry or wilderness adventure programs. The Wilderness Ministry Start Up Kit is a great resource they have available.
  2. My book Christian Outdoor Leadership is a training resource for outdoor leadership, ministry, and education.
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  4. My Recommended Outdoor Programs (ROP) list is a list of expeditionary wilderness ministries. One of them could be a good fit for you to serve with if starting your own is not what God is calling you to do.

Let’s Do This!

How have you encountered God through wilderness experiences? How have you seen wilderness experiences transform others? What role might you have in facilitating wilderness ministry? Take some intentional time to seek solitude in creation. Pray for God to give you vision for your role in wilderness ministry. Press into that and contact us or comment below to share your stories or ask questions. I love to hear from you!

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