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men's ministry carries boy tp summit

Men’s Ministry Carries 14 year old with Cerebral Palsy to Quandary Summit

Here is an incredibly inspiring story that David, from Band of Brothers passed on to me that really sheds light on the point I was trying to make in my recent post: Faith that Moves Mountains or Roofs? Go to Extremes for Your Friends. Band of Brothers is a men’s ministry based in Colorado Springs that uses outdoor adventure extensively in their approach to reaching men with the Gospel. In this case they came together and carried a 14 year old young man with cerebral palsy all the way to the summit of Mt. Quandary (14,271 ft). They all made a sacrifice and embarked on a difficult challenge to allow this boy to experience God through an outdoor adventure. It truly is a remarkable story and exemplifies Luke 5.

Here is a real life experience for one of our friends that brings to mind Luke 5 and the men that took their friend to Jesus by cutting a hole in the roof – Peak Challenge, an annual experience for men and young men in Colorado. More than 200 men and young men from all across the country and two men from the missionary field in China came to Peak Challenge 2011. The video is about “Team Alex” – group of about 30 of the men that all sacrificed their hikes to get a 14-year-old young man and friend with cerebral palsy to the top – the rooftop – of one of Colorado’s tallest 14,000 foot peaks. A monumental task. A dream come true. An example of brotherhood… of courage… of bravery. See the video below…


  • How might you be able to bless an extremely underprivileged person in your community with the opportunity to experience God through an outdoor adventure experience? Please share your story!