Best Ever Outdoor Ministry Fundraisers? My Choice is Project 54

Project 54 is the coolest fundraiser I’ve ever seen (check out the NEW website). On one day (the last Saturday of August) climbers summit all 54 fourteeners in Colorado to raise funds to give gear and outdoor leadership training for outdoor ministry programs all around the world, including dozens of countries in the Developing World. You’ll be blown away by the Project 54 promo video for 2012 which was put together by Thomas Haines (one of the Project 54 organizers).

What is Project 54?

P54 is an annual fundraising event of the Wilderness Ministry Institute. The goal is to raise money to give gear and training for local youth workers around the world who are committed to introducing young people to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith through guided outdoor adventures. One of the biggest obstacles to starting an outdoor ministry is the cost of gear, so P54 was created to remove that obstacle.

How does it work?

Project 54 is made possible by volunteer team leaders who each recruit a team to climb a peak with them. On the last Saturday of August, our team leaders lead teams up all 54 fourteen thousand foot peaks in Colorado. Each team leader gathers a team of friends, co-workers, family members, etc. to climb with them. Every person raises pledges on their team’s behalf (think of it as a walk-a-thon on steroids). Each year they ask each team to raise a minimum of $1000 (for example 10 members could ask 10 donors for $10 each). For friendly competition, all the 54 teams donation levels will be tracked on the Project 54 map page so that everyone can know where their team stands.

Here is the Project 54 Video for 2012


  • If you would like to see more outdoor ministries developed around the world, join the over 400 people who take part in this epoch event, by visiting the Project 54 website to get involved. And if you live in another state or country, this year P54 is including additional peaks of your choice to teams that do not live in Colorado but would like to take part in this global event.
  • What is one of your favorite outdoor ministry fundraisers? Please comment below to share your ideas with other local outdoor ministry programs that could benefit from your ideas.

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