Christian Outdoor Leadership book is a Resource for Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy: A Needed Rest

An Adventure Therapy student plugs Ashley Denton’s book, Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice as an important resource for students of adventure therapy:

I bought this book the day it was released, and could not put it down until I was done! To say I agree would be an understatement. I am currently finishing my bachelor’s in Adventure Therapy, with a minor in Religion-came back to school at 40 and majored in Theology, but that didn’t seem to fit what the Lord was leading me to. I’m currently working with a group of at-risk (some foster) kids, while working as a student pastor, and when I graduate I intend to work full time in the Adventure Therapy industry, with a program specifically designed for the Christian community. I have seen the results of such organizations as Outward Bound, Summit for Someone, and others, such as Richard Louv, who are from the secular community; and wonder what can happen if we include the Lord in our dealings with those at risk-both young and old. Your book inspired me, and made me understand that outdoor leadership is not a checklist, it is a concept-everything is subject to change, and you use what works! Thank-you again for putting your experience in print!


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