Amazon Kindle Offers Christian Outdoor Leadership Book!




Availability on Amazon Kindle Means More Leaders Trained in the Skills of Gospel-Centered Outdoor Adventure Camping!

From Australia to Armenia, from Brazil to Zimbabwe-since my Christian Outdoor Leadership book came out a year ago there have been over 10,000 visitors to my outdoor ministry blog from 107 countries (list of all countries provided below for those who support and pray for our ministry among indigenous youthworkers). We give all the glory to God for this incredible year! Our vision for this book was to give resources to train leaders around the world how use outdoor adventure camping as a strategic tool for evangelism and discipleship especially among young people. And that is happening!

With many relationships around the world, we’ve realized that one of the main obstacles is the cost of postage to deliver the books. With this in mind, the publisher has made the book available on Amazon Kindle! For missionaries and local leaders outside of the U.S., the Kindle Version opens up a world of possibilities.

Ways You Can Help!

  1. Help get the word out to your friends through your Facebook & Twitter: If you know of anyone who would like to get the electronic version of the book, please share this link to: Christian Outdoor Leadership book on Amazon Kindle.
  2. If you’ve already read the book, please go to the book on the Kindle Website and 1) Click the “Like” button next to the book title, and 2) Write a brief, positive, “5 star” review of the book (this helps lend credibility to the book which REALLY helps with Amazon’s rankings)
  3. If you would like to buy the Kindle version of the book, makes sure to highlight the parts of the book that are most helpful to you (this information helps Amazon share the most helpful sections of the book with readers).

If you are a geography buff or a supporter of our ministry among indigenous youthworkers, I’ve listed below names of the countries from which people have visited Ashley Denton’s Outdoor Leadership and Outdoor Ministry Blog:

United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, India, Nepal, Philippines, Brazil, China, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, South Africa, Sweden, Singapore, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, South Korea, Netherlands, Finland, Kenya, Denmark, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Austria, Thailand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Taiwan, Turkey, Peru, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Tanzania, Lebanon, Vietnam, Panama, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Argentina, Barbados, Palestinian Territories, Ecuador, Poland, Uganda, Rwanda, Fiji, Guatemala, Ghana, Israel, Suriname, Qatar, Bangladesh, Hungary Dominican Republic, Yemen, Mongolia, Sudan, Macedonia, Cameroon, Brunei, Botswana, Laos, Luxembourg, Guyana, Guernsey, Malawi, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Chili, Liberia, Saint Lucia, Iceland, Côte d’Ivoire , Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Cambodia