Afterglow | This is the Coolest Snowboarding Short Film I’ve Seen Yet

Jacob Sutton Films L.E.D. Glowing Snowboarder Matt Hughes

This is probably the coolest snowboarding short film I’ve ever seen. In Karie Meltzer’s article, LED Snowboarder Lights the Night, she highlights a recent short film by Jacob Sutton. Sutton films pro snowboarder William Hughes on a night ride down Tignes, a slope in the Rhone-Alps in southeast France. Donned with oodles of L.E.D. lighting in his snowsuit, Hughes glides through the night with jaw-dropping elegance.


The Outdoor Ministry Potential for Snowboarding is Just Oozing

Snowboarding is chocked full of potential as an outdoor ministry. I just returned from a snowboard/ski outreach camp where I spoke to about 40 high school kids from Mountain View Community Church in Fort Collins. Somehow the ski/board culture just creates a great environment for hanging out with students, and I’ve found that these types of outreach camps draw a lot of new folks.

Two organizations I have on my Recommended Outdoor Programs list (ROP List) that specialize in snowboarding ministry are Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ, and Northstar, Japan. Snowboarding affords long chairlift rides for conversation with people (if you’d like some ideas for sparking conversation, here is a list of 165 Great Conversation Starter Questions).


  • What is one way you could be more intentional to bring Jesus into your conversations on ski/snowboard outings?

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